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that sees ted cruz take on john mccain. >> we had an eminent member of the republican party describe me as whacko bird. if standing for the constitution makes me a whacko bird, then count me a proud whacko bird. >> the kind of intraparty donnybrook featuring ann coulter versus ann coulter. here is what she said two years ago. >> if you don't run chris christie, romney will be the nominee. and lose. >> and here is ann coulter this weekend, landing one squarely on the jaw of the very same guy she once wanted to elect president. >> even cpac had to cut back on his speakers this year by about 300 pounds. i'm now a single-issue voter against amnesty. so christie's off my list. >> the next national election is still 596 days away. but there's no rest for republican party still duking it out. how long before a victor is declared? republican strategist mike murphy is not optimistic. predicting we will be stuck in an age of chaos and factional warlords for a while. the battle royale will be the 2015 presidential primary season. robert, you could hear dog wiss in the background during some of tho
, john hisigned thr control measures into law. magazine clips are limited to 15 rounds, universal background checks are mandatory and the checks will be paid for by gun purchasers. >> i think it's a coincidence, but an incredibly tragic and sad coincidence that we have to process all of this in a single day. >> needless to say republicans weren't happy about the gun safety measures, but with democrats in control of both chambers, they were powerless to stop them. to prove that point, the legislature's top republican, stood in front of a doctored new york flag to lament that his flag was becoming a bastion of progressivism. he may want to get his hands on a california flag. this afternoon, the governor will sign a civil unions into law six years after a ballot initiative in the state that defined marriage as between a man and a woman. what's going on in the square state? part of colorado's story of change comes from the state house where democrats control both the governor's office and bomb chambers of the legitimate slate t . joining us now from denver, is contributor an
we see. particularly in the senate, obviously. but even in the house. i think the speaker john boehner himself could make a deal with president obama that would include raising taxes. he would do that. the reason he won't do that, is he's afraid of being yellowstone thrown by eric cantor and kevin mccarthy and the tea party caucus and the problem is the republicans who sort of see sense on the budget, or could see sense on the budget, are held back by their own fear of their own radicals. >> what's amazing to me is that, joy, we talked about ryan budget, 2.0, now this is 3.0. there is this effort under way to rebrand the republican party that has been met with varying levels of success. >> right. >> and now they're talking about this as a way of preserving the social safety net. and i always, when i hear that, it's like -- you kind of have to be kidding, right? you may have a different fiscal goals, but don't tell me this is a way of preserving the social safety net. >> it's so funny you say that because i was thinking that i'm remembering the pretty thing sent up with all the
for aimings and has a lot of allies, including speaker john boehner who might have to push a controversial immigration bill through his had house. is he going to put two bills on the floor that could anger his base and hurt them in 2014? potentially and hurt his tenure as speaker? that remains to be seen. >> you know what that means, josh, your boss, mayor bloomberg -- do you call him your boss? like -- >> i call him sir. >> is going to have a busy next couple of years. >> well you know, hopefully he's got a bank account. >> something tells me he does. >> to fund it. >> we have to take a break. but the gun reform discussion continues. this weekend on "meet the press." david gregory will talk exclusively with new york city mayor, michael bloomberg and nra ceo wayne lapierre. if that is not must-see television, i do not know what is. this is this sunday on "meet the press." coming up, merriam webster defines the addiction as the compulsive need for and use of a habit-forming substance. so when scientists are literally altering the physical shape of salt, what chance does an addict stand? we
that's probably the argument at this case. it's worth noting that john mccain, susan collins and dean heller are the most likely republicans to sign on to background checks, give props where props are due. an effort led by tom coburn, joe mansion. >> i although would have to see pat toomey in pennsylvania, who i actually like and i think he can be reasonable on so many issues. if pat toomey doesn't sign on to background checks, he won bay point and a half in a big republican year, 2010. he is dead in the philadelphia suburbs, deader than a doornail. >> i the thing is i think that newtown forced people in the suburbs, in the safe suburbs, to finally confront the issue that gun violence can touch them, too. that it can even touch children. it was such a shakeup, i don't think it's temporary. it's so shocking, people in the inner city are dealing with gun violence every day. but newtown shocked the conscience, aurora did as well. newtown, especially so because it was kids. if we can't get gun control now, i would think we probably can't get it at all. >> what's a hopeful sign for the fut
or greater action or some action. john mccain and lindsey graham wrote a letter saling if today's reports are accurate, we would urge immediate action to encourage the consequences he has promised. to what degree do you think that would be a point of discussion? >> well, absolutely. i think again this is another place where the interests of both countries really line up. there is no one who has an interest in watching the syrian situation continue to deteriorate to the point where it's a sectarian 1i68 war and some of these weapons get out of control and into actual use. this is clearly a red line for the international community, but the question is what is the strategies available, what are the actual options for, you know, for action, the president and much of his team thus far has drawn a line at providing civilian and medical and other humanitarian assistance. can you actually intervene militarily in an effective marine without the assistance going into the wrong hands? who are the good guys? who ared bad guys? it's a difficult situation, but the interests of both parties are the same
Search Results 0 to 5 of about 6